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Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed projectRequest a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
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Regarding the Blanchetown Project

“Allow me first to remark on my overall impression of the development.

Having visited in mid-October 2014, whereby farm 5 was well underway with the build and farm 4 was levelled ready to build, I am compelled to pass on my delight to return and see such a magnificent result. The level of detail is impressive, the quality of the broiler houses and associated buildings is a real credit to Richard, Gary, Luke and the teams involved. Santrev can be justifiably proud of these sites. “

Dave Mathews
Riverview Poultry – New Zealand – 2015

‘The Blanchetown project is so far the biggest free-range project in the history of the company SKOV. We have installed a fully automatic system that can open and close doors (pop-holes) providing access to the free-range areas. The system primarily applies natural ventilation when the broilers occupy the free-range areas and ventilates according to the Combi-Tunnel principle when the broilers are inside the livestock house and the doors are closed. The system is state-of-art and the DOL 539 house computer controls the climate and production in the house. The well-designed, airtight profiles supplied by Santrev makes it possible for us to make an efficient ventilation system. The high-quality materials used – as an example dip galvanized steel – guarantee that the house also will be functional many years from now.’

Arne Overgaard, Area Sales Manager, SKOV A/S, Australia

‘From a ventilation viewpoint, the challenge lies in having an open production environment, where we do not have full control of the livestock house environment. Updated with new software, DOL 539 ensures optimum climate under all conditions. The system can provide natural ventilation for a great deal of the time when the doors are open, but it is also possible to open the wall inlets and ventilate mechanically via fans in the exhaust units. When that is the case, we regulate the climate in the livestock house based on the temperature of the air as well as humidity and CO2 levels.’

Soren Mikkelsen. Service engineer, SKOV A/S, Denmark

“Orland Poultry operates a contract broiler farm in South Australia growing for Ingham’s Enterprises. When we were looking ate expanding our farm we were looking for a shed builder who not only built quality shed but also one who had an understanding of the industry. With Luke, Garry, Richard and the crew from Santrev, we were supplied with shedding that far exceeded our expectations.

We found that in the initial planning stages Santrev were always willing to listen to us and accomodate us when we asked if they could supply us with a wider truss so we had more coverage over the cool pads, also because our sheds run north/south there was no problems with placing 75mm sandwich panel on the western side.

Once construction was underway there was alwyas someone on the site whow was more than willing to answer any questions we might have had and everyone to work in with the other contractors meant that there was no unnecessary downtime. The conduct of their workforce is a credit to everyone involved, with over twenty years in this industry I don’t think that I have seen a crew that was as professional in their approach to the job that theses boys were. “

Steve Daysh
Farm co-owner
Orland Poultry (South Australia)
March 2010

“Santrev built two 45000 bird sheds for me in 2009. Very Happy with them. Would not hesitate to contract them to build the new farm.”

Andrew Tanner
Farm Owner
Amanika Pty Ltd (Queensland)
15 February 2010

“We have worked with Santrev on several projects and have found them to be a professional outfit that are used to working with tight building schedules.”

Luigi DiClemente
Managing Director
Farmmark Pty Ltd (Livestock Solutions)
25 March 2010



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