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Santrev, quality poultry sheds and farm sheds

Building superior chicken sheds, poultry housing and farming sheds for over 40 years.

Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed projectRequest a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
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At Santrev, we don’t just design and construct sheds. We build innovative farming solutions utilising superior materials and products, proven industry experience, and our commitment to developing quality farming investments. Our dedicated team use a range of engineering resources to design our clients’ poultry housing, detailing a clear plan from concept to completion. We are the pre-eminent, preferred design and construction partner in the Australian poultry industry, leading the way for more profitable poultry farmers.

All Santrev constructed buildings, whether they be poultry sheds, farm sheds or general agricultural applications are designed with the most extreme and demanding of conditions in mind. These large scale sheds are engineered to comply with all the relevant Standards, local council requirements and the relevant Building Code regulations. For your benefit we offer expert consultation and construction of their chicken housing, broiler shed, egg laying barns and all other large scale buildings for both our new and existing clients.

Our expert industry experience ensures our buildings are delivered in full, on time and within budget. We will always aim to meet your birds-in date and we guarantee completion dates.

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