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Building superior chicken sheds, poultry housing and farming sheds for over 40 years.

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Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed projectRequest a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
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Projects / Gallery

Blanchetown, South Australia

2014 marked the beginning of the monumental $54 million dollar Blanchetown project in South Australia. This 42 shed , 7 farm free range facility will be the biggest free range build in the world upon completion.

Years of research and development and close consultation with leading ventilation experts in the world combined to design a system that will drive free range ventilation design for years to come.

The result is a free range system that does not compromise solid sided shed efficiency while utilising the benefits of natural ventilation.

The internal apex height and full side pop out opening area all assist to ensure the air movement works to keep the litter dry and the birds happy.

The extended eaves and the full side pop out opening areas encourage the birds to move into the free range areas and quickly and easily as possible.

Farm one (six sheds) and two (six sheds) were completed on time in November and December 2014 and the rest of the facility is well on its way to be completed by October 2015. Once constructed, the farms will have the capacity for 1.7 million birds.


Beaudesert, Queensland

This Free Range broiler build began construction in 2014 and is our first build to feature fibreglass in the pop-out doors.

The fibreglass option which is supplied only by Santrev eliminates any possible corrosion.

Andy and Susan’s farm is located in Queensland Scenic Rim region and is the first purpose free range built facility in the area.

The shed design combines high performance with natural ventilation to ensure to most efficient operating methods to suit the local regions weather patterns. Of course, all four sheds were built on time and on budget, a hallmark of the Santrev commitment.


Queensland Free Range Broiler

Santrev are fast becoming become leaders in the free range shed design arena and this broiler project in Queensland is another free range success.


Windarra, Victoria – Free Range Layer

The Windarra Free Range Layer project was completed in 2011.


Clare, South Australia – Piggery

Santrev uses their vast network of resources to offer high quality and reliable system for piggeries. The piggery in Clare, South Australia, was completed in 2013.


Coominya, Queensland

Coominya, now the site of Santrev’s own Hilltop and Valley farms, was once owned by another grower. Santrev built the original farm in 2009 and bought the site in 2011 and further developed the property by building 5 additional sheds.

Situated in the calm bushland of the Somerset Region, the farms are now used to grow broiler chickens for Baiada/Steggles and for Santrev’s own construction, research and development.


Hamley Bridge, South Australia

The Hamley Bridge project begun in 2011 and is one of our biggest builds to date. The facility, built for Inghams (one of Australia’s largest poultry processors), included a series of renovations of old sheds as well as the construction of new sheds.

This turnkey project solidified the relationship between Santrev and Inghams and continues to be a benchmark in project standards.


Kyabram, Victoria

2012 marked Santrev’s first cattle shed build in Kyabram, Victoria. This unique undertaking was a new experience for both the build crew and office staff alike and was a great success.

The site has since served as an inspiration point for other potential cattle farmers and set the template for future builds.


Prairie, Victoria

The Prairie project is just one part of a long history between Hazeldene’s- a respected, family owned and operated regional poultry processor and Santrev. The build saw Santrev onsite in rural Victoria, building state of the art rearer sheds before moving onto refits of old broilers and renovations of previous sheds.

The relationship continues to thrive, with Santrev continuing to build for Hazeldene’s.


Rosevale, Queensland

This broiler build began in 2010 and gave us some of our most iconic imagery. The picturesque location in Queensland’s Scenic Rim provided a beautiful background for the crews during the build. The 4 shed project has helped build a genial rapport between Santrev and the property owner.



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