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Santrev, quality poultry sheds and farm sheds

Building superior chicken sheds, poultry housing and farming sheds for over 40 years.

Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed projectRequest a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
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Broiler Houses and Sheds

The performance of our broiler sheds combined with our proven ability to deliver on time and within budget, has made Santrev the choice of chicken growers throughout Australia and around the world.

Poultry sheds may look the same, however there is a world of difference in the detail and performance. Our customers agree that Santrev outperforms others in shed performance, shortest birds-in time, excellent project management and great service. There is no doubt that Santrev are the leaders in poultry shed design and construction, enabling commercial chicken growers from around the world to reach maximum performance.


Broiler House case example

Steve Daysch – Orland Poultry, South Australia.

Steve has many broiler sheds on his commercial poultry farming property. These broiler houses have been constructed by a number of different shed builders and broiler house construction companies. For his most recent commercial sheds, Steve made the change to Santrev because he was not getting the quality and production results from his past projects.

The Santrev difference was instantly evident. The sheds were built in record time and within budget, and the performance from the Santrev sheds was outstanding. Batch by batch, Steve found the feed conversion so much better that his Santrev sheds are earning him a 2 cent per bird premium. In addition, the sheds are now consuming 50% less energy than his other broiler houses.



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