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Santrev, quality poultry sheds and farm sheds

Building superior chicken sheds, poultry housing and farming sheds for over 40 years.

Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
Request a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed projectRequest a quote for your next poultry farm or farm shed project
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Poultry Breeder Sheds

Santrev has built commercial scale poultry layer and breeder sheds for leading companies such as Inghams, Steggles and Baiada. Our poultry breeder houses are designed by chicken growers for chicken growers. Every component has been developed with operational efficiency as a priority.

The profitability of any commercial chicken farm relies heavily on a continuous supply of healthy birds. According to poultry veterinarian, Dr. Stephen McGoldrick, the design and construction of a poultry breeder shed plays a significant role in optimising flock liveability, quality, fertility and egg production. Our breeder sheds are designed to create the ‘perfect’ bird environment to optimise the production of eggs.

Optimal Poultry Breeder House with Clean Skin Ceilings

The Santrev name is synonymous with the development of the clean skin ceiling, in which all structural components, such as purlins and trusses, are contained within the roof-ceiling space. The clean ceiling minimizes uncontrolled air flow resistance which leads directly to better environment control, along with smaller ventilation fans that work more efficiently. The end result is a breeder shed that offers better environmental control for your birds, while using less power.

The lack of clutter in the air space and the smooth finish of the ceiling minimises surfaces that collect dust promoting a more sanitary environment to help to repress disease contagions. Our breed barns and sheds promote better bird health which means better production.

These same features make the interior space very easy to clean and sterilize at the end of each batch, dramatically reducing turn-around times, cleaning costs and most importantly, allowing you to grow more birds each year.



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